Soul-Level Transformation For Intuitive Women

You deserve a blissful life. You are worthy. 
I believe in your brilliance. 

"Just let it go!"

How many times have you heard popular coaches say "JUST LET IT GO?" Too many to count, right? 

That saying is actually one of my biggest pet-peeves because truly, if you knew how to "let it go" you would have done it already! 

No one wants to hang on to trauma... It isn't your fault that your energy is stuck, that you have PTSD, anxiety, or emotional exhaustion. You just haven't had the right combination of support, intuitive empowerment, love, acceptance, soothing, past-life and ancestral healing aligned with all the tools and encouragement you have really needed. To actually... finally... LET GO. 

I'll tell you a secret... you don't have to let go of the people, or the trauma event, or the memories of "what happened." The only part that you actually have to let go of in order to free up your energy and get away from that "bad karma" that keeps causing turmoil in your life, is... the emotional energy that is attached to it all. Yep, that's it. Is that an easy thing to do? It can be, with the right help.

I have been helping women heal from past and current trauma since I became a Reiki Master in 2001. Since then, I have witnessed many remarkable transformations and that is what keeps me going every day. But a few years ago, I realized that I wasn't giving as much as I wanted to give to my beloved clients. So many of them needed more support than a single session or even a weekly series could provide. I needed a system so I could share with many clients, what came through in individual sessions: energy alignment meditations, emotional exhaustion relief, self-love practices, boundaries & protection, intuition empowerment, Light Codes to aid transformation and so much more. 

From that desire to give more, I created the Align Your Light Journey ~ all the support and tools aligned with an Energy Healing progression that are needed for changing struggle into ease.

The Align Your Light Journey is an 8–week inner-happiness course for Intuitive Women that includes...

>> Deep Healing of our 3 pasts: this life’s past, our past lives & our ancestral genetically inherited past to remove the emotions that hijack our brain patterns & block our happiness
>> Video Tutorials & Audio Meditations to teach you exactly how to keep your energy aligned
>> Complete emotional re-alignment of the Chakras to release old, tightly bound energy 
>> Mind-loop reset tools
>> Physical healing through the Energy Body
>> Higher-knowing, life-path clarifying & intention-setting through the Light Body to attract all the goodness that has been desperately trying to connect with you!
>> And the best part... opening more fully to the eternal flow of Unconditional Love and deeply anchoring that connection so that it becomes fully integrated with your Light-vibration, protecting you and aligning you with all that you desire.

The Align Your Light Journey is designed for intuitive women who are ready to say "yes" to yourself, to eliminate the mind-loops & stuck energy rooted in your 3 pasts, and anchor into calm, secure, self-appreciation.

If you are tired of trying so hard with affirmations and the law of attraction and positive thinking, but not getting the lasting relief you've been needing, the Align Your Light Journey is for you. You don't need any more self-blame... how about sinking into the blissful sensation of endless self-love instead? How about waking up feeling the curious sensation of the ABSENCE of anxiety, worry, agitation & restlessness? How about filling that absence with bubbling, light-filled energy, joy, happiness? How about contentment? Or simple, inner peace...

To find the best path to your clarity and healing, get on the phone with me and we'll figure it out together. 

You can tell me what is missing in your life and what you are wanting, and I can help you find the best solution. Together, we will get you into the Light-filled flow of life that you have been longing for. 

You deserve a blissful life. You are worthy. I believe in your brilliance. 

Schedule your free assessment now, I can't wait to get to know you! xo Jenny Jo


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